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Human Resources


Organizational Development

Municipal Solutions Organizational Development offers professional and effective support to assist our clients plan and implement programs to increase their organization's efficiency, develop policies that enable their organization to evolve continually to meet new business challenges, and ensure their organizational structures can meet the ever-changing marketplace.

Municipal Solutions staff will investigate and analyze management structure and then provide a report identifying ways to improve overall performance through reorganization or through the redefinition of specific employees' roles. In addition, we focus on improving goal setting, communication, and cross-departmental cooperation, as well as clarifying roles within the organization. This improves professional relationships within the organization: between managers and staff, within teams, and across department lines.

If required, Municipal Solutions staff will also recommend, design, and implement corporate programs intended to help managers and employees develop productive professional relationships.

Performance Reviews

  • Municipal Solutions Performance Review offers comprehensive assistance to enhance performance and efficiency.
  • Municipal Solutions staff provides assistance to organizational management by providing overall assessment summaries.
  • Identifying goals that have been met and those where additional effort may berequired.
  • Determining whether job description and competencies accurately reflect the reality of positions, and recommend updates as necessary.
  • Recommending performance, achievement and/or development goals for the upcoming year.

Job Analysis

Municipal Solutions Job Analysis offers experienced assistance to organizations wishing to review their current and future job needs.

Municipal Solutions staff provides our clients with the tools to:

  • Assist in recruitment and selection of the right person for the right job.
  • Understand extent and scope of training required.
  • Evaluate the job in which the worth of the job has to be evaluated.
  • Eliminate overlapping of authority- responsibility relationship so that distortion in chain of command doesn’t exist.
  • Develop compensation plans for the employees.
  • Provide effective performance appraisal.


Municipal Solutions staff also assists our clients in preparing comprehensive job descriptions which
include the development of:

  • Title/Designation of job and location.
  • The nature of duties and operations to be performed.
  • The nature of authority- responsibility relationships.
  • Necessary qualifications required for job.
  • Relationship of that job with other positions.
  • The work environment required.

Job Evaluation

Municipal Solutions Job Evaluation offers A to Z analysis to assist our clients determine the relative worth of each job.

  • Developing balanced and well-framed compensation plans through job evaluation provides many advantages including:
  • Reduction in inequalities in salary structure.
  • Recognition of Special Skills and Experience.
  • Better Selection of Employees.
  • Ensuring a harmonious relationship between employees and manager.
  • A balanced workforce through standardization and evaluation.
  • Guarantees relevance of new positions in overall work matrix.


Municipal Solutions Recruiting delivers high quality professional candidates and guides managers through the selection process.

Municipal Solutions staff will:

  • Confer with senior leadership to identify personnel needs, workforce planning strategies, and search assignments.
  • Write complete and detailed search assignments ensuring an understanding of job duties, responsibilities and business requirements.
  • Develop and maintain a network of contacts to help identify and source qualified applicants
  • Review resumes and credentials for appropriateness of skills, experience and knowledge in relation to position requirements
  • Provide complete, accurate, and inspiring information to candidates about the company and position
  • Manage and coordinate all communication with candidates
  • Manage the scheduling and logistics of all interviews between candidates and clients and perform detailed reference checking and/or reference analysis
  • Work with clients to extend offers of employment to selected candidates
  • Develop and monitor effective succession planning

Our Clients

Our Clients