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Municipal Solutions CEO recognized with Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal

John Mutton acknowledged for service to Canada

February 15, 2013

Oshawa- Municipal Solutions is proud to announce that our CEO, John Mutton, has been recognized by Her Majesty and the Government of Canada with an award of a Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for his years of service to Canada.

John Mutton has contributed decades of public service to communities and organizations across Canada including being the Mayor of the Municipality of Clarington, the Chair of the Ontario Nuclear New Build Council and Canada’s representative on the G-8 ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) negotiating team.

John’s commitment to new technologies, innovation and research in support of enhanced employment opportunities for tens of thousands, including so many in the building trades, has continued with his founding of Municipal Solutions and our work to expand markets and opportunities for our clients. His support of the Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment project and his leadership on the Nuclear New Build Council has already resulted in jobs and investment that will continue for the next two decades.” outlined Brianna Allan, Executive Vice-President and CAO.

In his many roles supporting jobs and investment, John Mutton has been a leading force for progress as Chair of many organizations including the Canadian Nuclear Summit, the Canadian Infrastructure Summit, the Regional Municipality of Durham’s Finance Committee, the Veridian Energy Corporation, the Ganaraska Conservation Authority and the Canadian Nuclear Host Communities group. He has served on municipal and regional committees too numerous to name individually.

John Mutton’s leadership in creating job and investment is marked not by his travelling of the path well-trod but by his desire to find new pathways to success. In each of his roles, he has succeeded in developing new partnerships and opportunities. “Think outside the box” is more than a phrase to John Mutton, it is his approach to finding solutions to challenges.” indicated Brian Nicholson, Associate Vice-President, Government Relations and Public Policy.

John Mutton has brought that approach to Municipal Solutions and his leadership inspires our staff every day to find new solutions and approaches for our clients.

Municipal Solutions takes great pride in being Canada's Leading Infrastructure Analysis and Business Development Firm for the Building Trades, and our clients, partners and potential partners can rest assured that John Mutton’s recognition will inspire us on to further successes as we expand our services across Canada and into the United States of America.




Rebuilding Canadian Infrastructure

January 25, 2013

Over the past few months the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) have dramatically increased their lobbying effort of the federal govt for a renewed commitment to providing funding for municipal infrastructure.

While the federal govt did provide dollars a few years ago for infrastructure, FCM are asking for sustainable funding in order to deal with the basically unfunded liability of crumbling assets (roads, water and waste water plants, etc).

The last round of infrastructure spending by the feds was far from having political hands off and needs a qualification process for funds. No one will ever forget MP Tony Clement's riding receiving G-8 funding and Minister Clement helping choose the projects on his own political criteria, not on a needs basis.

We also need criteria to ensure Municipalities are not passing these costs to other levels of govt and investing in non mandated services. For example, Mississauga's Mayor Hazel McCallion is one of the loudest and best advocates for renewed infrastructure funding. But even Hazel is to be questioned as she recently spent $200k on decorative aluminum for a social housing project.

The final piece to this is the criteria around the skilled trades that will be used to build and rebuild Canadian infrastructure. Municipalities need to follow Canadian and Provincial law in ensuring only licensed, qualified trades are hired. Can you imagine a permit being pulled by a shady contractor that would use handymen rather than real true licensed and qualified trades to win the low bid (which is illegal). I would suggest that in this situation deficiencies would add another 10 percent to the project cost plus law suits and increased WSIB and insurance costs.

At the end of the day, the Feds need to be at the table, but it is equally important for Municipalities to not let the federal money replace their own capital financing responsibilities when tempted to spend on pet projects. It is also of paramount importance that the Tradesman Qualification Act be part of every procurement process. The publics financial health and public safety deserve this scrutiny.

John Mutton | President and CEO


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It all happened on November 22, 2006 when Municipal Solutions was born.

The original idea was to provide the bridge between the disconnect at City Hall. We marketed ourselves as the private sector solution finders for anyone that does business with a Municipality. We have come a long way since that day and our core business has changed dramatically and to the point where we are the only consulting firm that does what we do in North America.

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