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Public Policy Development

Municipal Solutions, in partnership with our clients, are bringing best practices to institutions with respect to Certificates of Qualification and Trade Licenses within their tender policies in keeping with the wishes of the Alberta and Ontario Ministries of Labour.

It is law in both provinces that only Licensed Trade persons are to be working on jobsites, however both Ministries lack the resources to adequately police this issue even on a complaint only basis.

We are pleased to report that we have been successful with having wording changes to put the Certificate of Qualifications issue and Trade Licenses into the front end of the tender process, requiring contractors to have a list of all personnel and their licenses on site.


Belleville Hospital Example:


"The Contractor shall provide the names and qualifications of all members of the

management and labour workforce to the Owner for their review prior to the

commencement of Work, including those of the sub-contractors. All trades persons shall be

certified trade personnel, qualified apprentices or labourers in the respective area of work

for which they are employed and provided in proportion to the requirements of the

applicable legislative requirements in the Province of Ontario. The Owner reserves the right

to reject personnel from working on the site that are deemed to be unqualified or

inexperienced in the line of work for which they are employed."


The UA, IBEW and Municipal Solutions have also been successful in implementing or starting the process of implementation of the Certificate of Qualifications and Trade Licences best practice policies at a number of Municipalities and Institutions across Ontario and Alberta.

Our Clients

Our Clients